Chiropractic for Kids

Why would a child need a chiropractor? Have you ever watched kids play?! Kids experience all kinds of physical stress as they grow and develop from learning to walk, to falling out of bed, to slipping on the ice, to carrying a heavy backpack, and so on, but did you know it can even start right at the birth process? Yes! Physical stress can start the moment they are introduced to the world. Some kids have really been through a lot by the time they come to us!

However, it’s not just the physical stressors. Kids today are exposed to more mental and chemical stressors than at any other time in history, and the more these stressors build up, the harder it is for them to adapt and overcome. Their nerve systems simply get stuck in survival mode, not growth mode, where it should be, and that sets the stage for health and behavioral challenges.

Our care is helpful to so many kids because of our unique approach identifying where and how they are stuck. At ChiroWorks we are not about therapy. We are about detecting and correcting an out of balance nerve system.