We check and adjust people to help them work better. Bumps, bruises, sprains and strains can take their toll on a body and cause it to work inefficiently. Think about last time you injured an ankle that took a while to heal. Did your knee or hip eventually start to bother you too?

Have you ever seen a tensegrity model (like the one in the picture)? Every piece is connected to another one, and that gives it structure and stability. We are biotensegrity structures. Everything is connected!

When we are injured, our body subconsciously protects itself by creating tension throughout the body. Tension over time wears us out, and oftentimes the aches and pain we feel are not the cause of the problem, but merely the symptom – remember it is all connected. At ChiroWorks we look for the deeper issue. Imagine if you’ve been competing with excess tension that you were not even aware of. How much better could you perform? Let us help you find out!